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The Job Passion Discovery Program

For Senior Managers and Professionals

Transition from Being Stuck and Stressed in a Job You Don’t Enjoy to
Feeling Passionate and Purpose-Driven in One That’s a Dream for You to Do.

Ken Steven is an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, author, speaker, and former marketing and advertising executive for Fortune 500 companies. He believes that when you find your passion, you find your joy, and when you share your passion, you find your purpose.

Why I Created This Program

I’m Ken Steven. I created this program so that you wouldn’t have to endure 30 years of feeling stuck and stressed in jobs you don’t enjoy like I did.

During that time, I desperately wanted to find a job that I could feel deeply passionate about doing, but I had no clue what my passion was. I read 43 books on how to find your passion and purpose, but none of them connected the dots for me or offered a simple process to follow.

So, I spent 16 years researching, developing, and testing a better way. The result was my invention of the DreamJob Type Indicator (DJTI)™, the only online professional career assessment specifically designed to identify the type of work that anyone would naturally feel passionate about doing.

As a companion piece to the DJTI assessment, I authored the book, DREAM JOB DISCOVERY – How to Find a Job That Fuels Your Passion and Inspires Your Purpose (Even If You Don’t Know Your Passion or Purpose).

In this program, which includes both the book and the DJTI assessment, I’ll be guiding you every step of the way through my proven process so that you can escape from a job you don’t enjoy and transition safely into one that’s going to be dream for you.

About This Program


Who It Is For

  • This program is for you if you are stuck and stressed in a job you don’t enjoy but don’t know what you would rather be doing instead.
  • This program is for you if you are experiencing the angst of having to make a career change.
  • This program is for you if you are want to become an entrepreneur but aren’t sure what kind of business you would enjoy creating.

Who It Is Not For

  • This program is not for people who believe that you aren’t supposed to enjoy your job: that a job is simply a means to an end to earn the income required to support your desired lifestyle.
  • This program is not for anyone who believes that finding and following your passion is bad advice or foolhardy.
  • This program is not for anyone who is willing to spend half their waking life working in a job they don’t enjoy because they refuse to step outside their comfort zone to discover just how much joy, meaning, and fulfillment a job you LOVE can bring.
Module One

What’s the Problem?


  • Gain clarity on what’s causing your job dissatisfaction by uncovering the clues.
  • Discover the mistake you may be making that’s sabotaging your chances of ever being happy at work.
  • Identify the exact place you need to be in order to feel passionate and purpose-driven by your work.


The usual suspects for why you dislike your job are lack of recognition or challenge, a bad boss, toxic coworkers, or a company culture that conflicts with your values. But if you’ve been hopping from job to job for any of these reasons and still haven’t found happiness at work, you may be making this one mistake that will make it impossible for you to ever be happy at work.

Module Two

What’s the Solution?


  • Discover the missing piece to the conventional job search model that determines your job satisfaction.
  • Finally understand why none of your job searches have resulted in happiness.
  • Learn the secret to ensuring enjoyment and fulfillment from your work.


The conventional job search model is designed to find you a job where your skills and traits like personality type, behavioral style, and natural talents best equip you to excel at doing your job. There is a missing piece to this model you need to know if you want your job to make you passionate and purpose-driven.

Module Three

“What is Job Passion?


  • Learn the four biggest myths about passion so they don’t lead you astray in your search for your Dream Job.
  • Understand what passion is and how to find the passion zone at work.
  • Take the DJTI assessment and discover the type of work that you’ll feel passionate about doing.


If you want a job that fuels your passions, you first need to know what your passions are. In this module you will gain clarity about what job passion is. And instead of spending countless hours in mind-numbing deep introspection, you’ll be discovering what your job passions are in just 20 minutes using the DJTI assessment.

Module Four

What Are Your Truths?


  • Identify the Core and Supporting Values that are guiding the decisions and actions in your life and define the “true you”.
  • Discover your Sanctioning Values and how to use them to avoid stress and anxiety in your life.
  • Uncover the Character values that determine how you will show up in your job so your natural way of being is in perfect alignment with the job role.


You can never expect to be happy at work if you aren’t being the “true you” as defined by your values. In this module you will discover if you are being your authentic self, or if you are thinking and behaving in ways that you think other people like your parents, spouse/partner, coworkers, or friends would expect.

Module Five

What’s Your “Dream Job”?


  • Discover how to use your top-3 DreamJob Types to finally find a job that’s going to be a dream for you to do.
  • Identify specific job titles to consider that you may never have known existed.
  • Pinpoint the exact “DreamJob Title” that will make you feel passionate and purpose-driven at work.


Your “Dream Job” is the one that will have you you waking up each morning enthused and energized to go to work because you love it so much. In this module you’ll gain clarity on how your top-3 DreamJob Types should be used to help you zero in on the job title that will finally bring you joy, meaning, and fulfillment.

Module Six

What Are Your Traits?


  • Learn how your personality type gives you clues to your Dream Job.
  • Uncover the primary and secondary behavioral style you should be leveraging to find your Dream Job.
  • Discover your top-5 natural talents that will make your work easy and stress-free.


This module is all about optimizing your performance excellence. You’ll be discovering the aptitudes, personality traits, behavioral style and natural strengths that you should be leveraging in your Dream Job to ensure you perform well enough to advance your career with promotions and pay raises.

Module Seven

How Do You Transition?


  • Get clarity on what education or training will be required for your Dream Job.
  • Learn how to seek out, sift through, and identify the employer prospects who would be a good “culture fit” for you.
  • Discover how to stand out from the competition by leveraging your Truths, Traits, and DreamJob Type in your resumes, cover letters, and interviews.


In this module you’ll create a step-by-step action plan for how to ensure a smooth and risk-free transition from where you are now to where you want to be. And, you’ll master all the essential skills you’ll need to land a job that will finally make you happy to go to work.

Module Eight

Overcoming Obstacles


  • Master how to make job happiness a priority in your life.
  • Bust any limiting belief that it’s too late or foolhardy for you to change careers.
  • Learn how to overcome any fears that may be standing in your way to earning a passion paycheck.


At this point you may be thinking: It’s too late for me to change careers. I don’t have the time for this. I can’t afford it. What if I fail? What would others think? In this module you’ll discover how to reframe thoughts like these so they won’t be obstacles in your transition from stuck and stressed to passionate and purpose-driven.

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