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Meet Ken Steven

As the founder of LifePassion Academy, Ken revolutionized passion discovery with his proprietary 3Ts Technique™ that identifies your LifePassion Types™, LifePassion Themes™, and LifePassion Things™. 

Unlike the old-school approach to passion discovery that requires weeks, months or even years of mind-numbing deep thinking, Ken’s 3Ts Technique makes it possible for you to find your passions in just one day and start applying them to add more joy, meaning and self-fulfillment to your life right away.

Ken believes, “When you find your passions, you find your joy… and when you share your passions, you find your purpose.”

Ken's Journey to Find Life Passion

Ken’s journey of passion discovery took him down a number of long and winding roads… many were dead ends. Watch.

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  • Are you feeling stuck in a job you hate, but don't know what you'd rather be doing instead?
  • Are you feeling bored and unfulfilled in retirement, with no sense of purpose most days?
  • Are you an entrepreneur wannabee who is struggling to decide what business to be in?
  • Are you a college or university student who is confused about what career path to choose?
  • Are you someone who has tried to find your passion in the past with zero success?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the solution is to find and follow your passion…

Life Passion Coaching Programs by Ken Steven

Life Passion Discovery

How to Find Your
True Calling in Life

This is Ken’s signature online video coaching experience for quickly finding your true passions and life’s purpose to immediately add more joy, meaning and self-fulfillment to your work and play.

Ken Steven Life Passion Coaching

How to Get Private
Coaching with Ken

This is your opportunity to work one-on-one with Ken to uncover your elusive passions and get his ongoing coaching and support as you follow them to create the life of your dreams.